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Program the MKE16Z64VLF4 ?

Question asked by Marcel Giraldi on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Con Verse
I did a project that uses MKE16Z64VLF4, I used MCUXpresso to make the / fimware code (I generated the .S19), now I need to put it in production to write the MKE16Z64VLF4 without using MCUXpresso (production is 500 piece / month) , I couldn't use USBDM to record/Programming .S19 because it doesn't support MKE16Z64VLF4, I want to use NXP LPC-Link 2 to Record/Programming MKE16Z64VLF4, I use LPC-Link 2 on MCUXpresso to record and debug and it works perfectly, but I can't leave the firmware open in production to use MCUXpresso to burn the MKE16Z64VLF4, I ask:
1) Which app to use? How to do this?
2) Is there any tutorial to do this?
I already researched a lot and still can't solve it.

Note: On windows devices LPC-Link 2 is configured as follows: "LPC-Link-II CMSIS-DAP"