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u-boot is not booting on imx6 custom board

Question asked by m20 0 on Jul 30, 2019
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I have an imx6q custom board with two DDR3 chips,size of each DDR3 is 2Gb(32 bit data bus).

I am loading u-boot in serial downloader mode. U-boot is loaded using imx usb loader.It is not giving any error.

After loading u-boot, no messages are printing on tty console(minicom).

Uart1 is used and it is working fine.


I have set new calibration values in cfg file(800mhz_2x128mx16.cfg),those values are

0x021B080C = 0x000F001F

0x021B0810 = 0x0029001C

0x021B083C = 0x0330033C

0x021B0840 = 0x0330032C

0x021B0848 = 0x3E323238

0x021B0850 = 0x383A403E


I have attached cfg file and c file. Anything to be changed in these files for booting of u-boot?

What can be done for booting u-boot?


Thank you