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How to customize the name of the .axf and .bin release output file?

Question asked by cybaluke on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Erich Styger


from the same MCUXpresso project I generate the firmware fo many similar devices changing a label defined in  a general header file and using #ifdef switches in the code, for example in a general_def.h file I define:

   general_def.h: #define FWR_DEVICE_LABEL final_device_type

Now I can switch on the right firmware to compile changing the label "final_device_type" but all the output release names of MCUXpresso have the same name of the project so this generate a little confusion for me.

For this reason I would "automatically" change also the name of the output compiled files from MCUXpresso on the Release dir depending from the same #define FWR_DEVICE_LABEL label already defined in general_def.h file. If possible I would also append the date of the compile at the end of the name .

For example in general_def.h I would define two labels:

   #define OUTPUTRELNAME final_device_type

   #define OUTPUTRELNUMBER final_device_release


and in .\Release\    directory  instead of project_name.axf and  project_name.bin I would find the compiled files with the new names:




Is it possible? how can I do it? any suggestions?