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LPC51U68 USB Boot problem with firmware.bin

Question asked by Christian Grosse on Jul 28, 2019
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I am designing a board around LPC51U68. When I put the chip in MSC USB ISP I can see the device on my PC and I can see the firmware.bin file on it. So far so good.


I noticed that the size of the firmware.bin file on the device is 260KB. I also noticed a bit too late that the bin file I generated from MCUXpresso IDE (using the Create binary on the project axf file), only was about 7KB.


I deleted the firmware.bin file on the device (LPC51U68) and I renamed my smaller bin file to firmeware.bin and copied it to the device(LPC51U68).


I proceeded to set the chip to boot from flash to see if my application software did what I wanted, it did not so I needed to create a new version. But when I switched back to MSC USB ISP, the device will no longer show up on my PC at all. Is the chip bricked?


I think I need some clarification on how to generate the correct bin file (from MCUXpresso IDE?) and how to recover from a corrupted firmware.bin file on the chip.


All help is appreciated.


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