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FreeRTOS for MIMXRT1020 with MCUExpresso run only the first task

Question asked by Huong Ha on Jul 27, 2019

Hi all,

I'm using MIMXRT1020 and running FreeRTOS on it. I got FreeRTOS generic example from MCUExpresso SDK and base on that for studying. 

I only create 2 tasks (refer from page 53 - official FreeRTOS document), and modify the main function as the image below (sorry, I don't know to insert code):

The result is only Task 1 running. It seems Task 1 is always in Running state and the "time slice algorithm" is not working. I googled, and got something similar in But I can't find vPortIncrementTick (maybe it only on MPLAB PIC32MX).

So, anyone has any ideal about this case?