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LS1021A ethernet and video performance

Question asked by Amin Al-Tabich on Jul 26, 2019
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I have 2 questions regarding LS1021A. We are testing our firmware on LS1021A TWR evaluation board and we encountered some issues with performance:


1. Pinging LS1021A (Realtek RS8211) board gives much slower response time compared to the LS1012A evaluation board. The difference is large, 40μs on 1012 vs upwards of 120μs on 1021 (over 400μs when tested with Ubuntu). Our first guess is that the RS8211 FS driver on LS1021A needs updating. Where can we find such a driver? We would also appreciate any other suggestions explaining this ping time difference.


2. We loaded gstreamer1.0-RTSP-server to stream h264 coded video (h264parse and rtph264pay), but we can't stream high bitstream video in the current configuration. Setting the bitrate and fps to higher settings is possible, but the outgoing stream is still low quality. The software environment is ls1021a QorIQ Linux SDK v2.0.


If anyone has some experience with using GStreamer on the LS platform, we would appreciate information on performance limitations in this configuration. Is a higher version of GStreamer available and would it possibly rise the bottleneck? If so, where can a higher version be found, since the 1.4.5 is a default?