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Question about i.MX8QXP Startup

Question asked by pengfei jiang on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by pengfei jiang

Hi, buddies:

I've got an issue when start up Linux kernel from u-boot. The description of the issue is following, and you can find the u-boot log in attachment:

1. We use uuu download bootloader to the customized board, the bootloader includes SCFW, SECO FW, m4 image and u-boot image;

2. We download Linux kernel and binary device tree to memory through ethernet;

3. We use booti command to startup kernel, but the system is stuck at Starting kernel ...

We can't find any clue to this issue, but it looks like none of code of kernel is executed at the moment. (We tried to modify the value of memory address "0x88000000" in "start_kernel" function in kernel, but the value wasn't changed when we verified the value in SCFW console).

We hope NXP technical support can give us some advice about how to solve this issue.


Thanks a lot!