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Code Warrior C Compiler issue

Discussion created by Patrick Foley on Feb 18, 2009
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I am wondering if anybody can tell me why the following code will not work????



First, I have a function that returns an unsigned long as follows.  This function works with no problem.


unsigned long GetSysMSec(void){
} //End unsigned long GetSysMSec(void)



The problem is when I try to implement the function in the following two ways.


1) assigning to a variable and adding an offset within the same line:


//This does not work 

DelayTime = GetSysMSec() + 2000;


//This works

DelayTime = GetSysMSec();

DelayTime += 2000;



DelayTime is a variable of type unsigned long.


2) using the function in a comparison statement:


if(DelayTime <= GetSysMSec()){
      //Do Things


For some reson this always evaluates to true, even when I set DelayTime to a value much greater than the return from GetSysMSec()


Any help would be appreciated,  I am not certain if there is a compiler setting I need to look at or if there is just an issue with the compiler itself.  The code I have shown above works just fine on other platforms like my Keil Compiler used on an 8051 core.



CodeWarrior information:

Code Warrior IDE version   5.9.0

Build                              2330







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