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HSM usage on MPC5748G only under NDA?

Question asked by on Jul 24, 2019
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Hello people,


I bought a development board for MPC5748G to use the HSM capabilities only to realize that I cannot use it since apparently it doesn't have the SHE firmware flashed in the device.  I contacted NXP and they told me that I need to specifically ask my local sales distributor in order to get an MPC5748G with the HSM with firmware flashed.


Let's say that I have a module with HSM equipped with the SHE firmware. On the forums I read that I need to enable it anyway in order to get access to it. The datasheet shows the bit that it needs to be switched but the SSCM module address seems invalid (FFFF). Is the only way to know the address of the SSCM though the Security reference manual which is under NDA?


So is an absolute necessity to sign an NDA if you want to just run some encryption/decryption on the HSM?