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How to configure the MWCT1012 SPI Drive

Question asked by zhang hank on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by zhang hank

Use WCT1012 mcu spi2(GPIOC6/7/8/9) function, How to configure the spi drive?  I usually configured the gpio clock,That is my SPI_Init function below:

void SPI_Init(void)
QSPI0_SPDSR = 0x0027U;//推挽 Tx RX CS软件输入 8bit传输

QSPI0_SPSCR = 0x82E0U;//32div MSB SlaveMode SCLK空闲高 第二个边沿发送 SPI使能 receiver interrupt

QSPI0_SPCTL2 = 0x01U;//开启hold off

QSPI0_SPDTR = 0xff; //默认发送0xff

Now my probelm is that function can not enter the SPI  ISR。