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CAN transceiver makes bus die when we force it sleep and wake up cyclically

Question asked by Lin Dao on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Tomas Vaverka

Dear team,


I have an issue related to CAN transceiver in UJA1167.

When CAN bus go to sleep, I force our SBC Transceiver to CAN Offline Mode, when CAN wake up, I force it to CAN Active mode. It is working fine in normal case. But for the below case I face the error:

the cycle of our Network management is 5.75s,  when I wake CAN bus up, it will go to sleep after 5.75s if there is no activity on CAN, after sleep 1.3s, I wake it up again, cycle is ~7.1s. then I continuously wake up and let it sleep. after 255s or later, The SBC can not be wake up. CAN bus is died (BUS OFF happens). I do not know if there is any case to let SBC make the CAN bus die (CANH and CANL are shorted to LOW).

What I have to do in this case? it happens when I force SBC transceiver sleep and wake up when CAN bus sleep and wake up.