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u-boot on M5329evb

Discussion created by Clai Hernandez on Feb 18, 2009
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Hi everyone, 


Some time ago I had NAND problems on u-boot over my M5329 freescale EVB. We solve it using the last u-boot (U-Boot 2008.10) compiling it with an M5329BFEE_config.

I though everything was going well, but some problems have appeared now. When I try to write on NAND device blocks of 512 bytes (the nand is and 16KiB pages of 512 bytes) everything seems OK, any error message.

But when I try to read the block, an error (-74) occurs in any block except the first one I've written on. If I take a look on the information written on every page I can see that ONLY the first page I wrote is written correctly. The other pages have wrong information inside them.

It doesn't matter if I write every page separately or in bigger blocks. U-boot only write correctly the first page that I attempt to write. Until I erase the whole memory.

Anybody knows anything about it? Could be my Flash memory chip be broken? I don't thing so, because I can manage it correctly from ucLinux.