Dave Jones

Error in MCF52259RM and MCF52259DS

Discussion created by Dave Jones on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2009 by Tom Thompson
In both the MCF52259RM.pdf and MCF52259DS.pdf the table showing the pins list RTC_EXTAL as pin 33 and RTC_XTAL as pin 34 on the 144 LQFP. However the FB_AD7 and FB_AD8 signals are also listed as being those pins in a different part of the table.

In the package diagram for the 144 LQFP in the MCF52259DS.pdf the RTC clocks are shown as pins 13 and 14. Also on the schematic for the M52259EVB.

So I think the ones in the table of pins are wrong in both documents.

Both documents were downloaded from the site this week.