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Kw36 : Phone shows KW36 as connected after restarting the KW36

Question asked by Sai Kalyana Raman on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Jingsai Lu



Tried the following sequence in FRDM-KW36 ,

  -> Connect and pair a phone to KW36.

  -> Reset the KW36.



Expected Behaviour : 

    -> The previously connected phone should get disconnected from KW36 immediately.

Actual Behaviour

   -> The previously connected phone shows still shows KW36 as connected for 10-15seconds.


Regarding this issue, when i try to debug the issue by keeping break point in the event "gConnEvtDisconnected_c" during reset,the break point was not hit, my question is , is disconnect request is sent to phone when the reset happens? if sent why we are not receiving the "gConnEvtDisconnected_c"  or is there any other generic call back event that will come when we reset KW36 to show that the peerdevice is disconnected?