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MCUXpresso Debug Questions

Question asked by Harvey Starr on Jul 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by LPCX presso support

I'm nu-bee so any pointers are gratefully appreciated!


We're committed to using the LPC1347 MCU. .A nice chip. Just discovered that the LPC Link2 doesn't work for the 1347, so we have a new LPC Link1 connected.

Question#1: I have only the 4 wire SWDIO/.SWCLK lines connected. The LPC1347 does not support Instruction trace I discovered. What other debug features don't work for this chip?


Question2: is it necessary to do a Debug-build in MCUXpresso when using the LPC Link, or just leave it set as a Release build and click Debug? Debug As? where is the best place to invoke the debugger? I've noticed dong the latter doesn't the Debug/Release property for all the included projects in the build. Is it necessary t manually setup all files for Debug. Or can you just Debug a release build and the right thing happens?


Question3: Does Debug as "local C/C++ application" actually run a software emulator in a window somewhere? what are the limitations of that? Can external Input be emulated?