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MKL46Z I2C read

Question asked by Neil Porven on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Mark Butcher

Hi everyone,


I am using the MKL46Z processor and would like to understand how to properly read data using the I2C.


I have the following confusion:

1.  If I go from writing to the slave device to reading from the slave device, do I have to switch from writing to reading

     on the registers C1 and C2?

2.  I would really want to know when a byte has come in and completed (meaning the full 8bits are in).  Currently

     I was trying to use IICF (flag), but unfortunately, I don't understand how to use it or maybe I shouldn't be using it?

     Maybe I should use something else to signal me???


If anyone has a short snippet they can share, with an explanation of what is happening I would greatly appreciate it.

By the way, while I am debugging I can actually see the byte coming in and I am able to read it, but if I let the software

run, its a different story.