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Questions About the erase and program DFLASH

Question asked by 赵子成 on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Daniel Martynek

Hi Guys, I have several questions about S32K144 Dflash erase and program operation:

1、Is it necessary to disable all the interrupt before erase and program the DFLASH,? or it will lead to abnormal result (even the FLASH_DRV_EraseSector result is STATUS_SUCCESS)?

2、When I use PE and S32DS software to debug the DFLASH erase and program, Looking on the DFLASH address, It happened that run the FLASH_DRV_EraseSector function but the concern sector data is not 0xFF, is it possible the S32DS can't show the right DFLASH address data?

3、We now update the software and add the DFLASH emulated EEPROM function, but the first time from the old software to the updated software will lead to the reset when run the partition function FLASH_DRV_DEFlashPartition, I don't know why.


Can someone answer my issues?