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P1010/P2020 1588v2 questions

Question asked by Hanson He Employee on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by ufedor

There is no TC/BC (Transparent Clock/Boundary Clock) in the 1588 register description of P1010/2020.

If TC mode needs to be supported, how should it be operated? Is software support enough for ptp4l?

Currently, this device is used as an ordinary clock and only as a Slave.

Is there any difference in the operation of the Slave when it is in a mode of TC or BC?

The IEEE1588 module of P1010/2020 does not process any PTP protocol messages, but only collects and processes them by CPU. Whether precision will deteriorate with the increase of system load?

Where can the PTP2 source code be obtained? Thanks.