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Stuck in OSIF_TimeDelay() When Read from SD Card

Question asked by 雄 苏 on Jul 19, 2019
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Hey Guys,


I want to read a txt file from a SD card with 5748G. First I created a project from the example project in SDK_PA_RTM_v3.0 which called 'sdhc_fatfs_mpc5748g' and it worked well. Then I created a 'S32DS Application Project' and added necessary components just like the example project. But when I debug this new project, it was stuck in fuction 'void OSIF_TimeDelay(const uint32_t delay)' and couldn't get out. So please help me to find out whether I miss some steps to make it work.




Here are some pictures to show the similarities and differences between two projects:


clock_manager of second project

clock_manager of example project


fatfs of second project

fatfs of example project


osif of second project

osif of example project


rtcTimer of second project

rtcTimer of example project


sdhc of second project

sdhc of example project


usdhc of second project

usdhc of example project


uart of second project

uart of example project



I only configured pins of LINFlexD_10 and uSDHC in the second project, but in the example project, there are more pins  configured which seems not necessary.


main.c of second project

main.c of example project


Lukas Zadrapa

@Peter Vlna