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After jumping from boot loader application getting hang.

Question asked by sreevalsan pe on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa

I am working on a CAN based bootloader for MPC 5748G. 

I am referring the application note AN5319 (Which is for serial boot loader).

I was able to download the application software in to the flash at address 0x01040000. My Boot loader application is placed at address 0x1000000. I used the jump method listed in application note.

asm("e_lis r12,0x104");
asm("e_or2i r12,0x1A20");
asm("mtlr r0");

the jump address is taken from the reset vector which is inside the BAF boot header (0xF94000).

The issue is that , i was able to jump to the __start() section of application. But it is getting hangs in between and the application fails. after this the MCU will not respond to any brake command.

I am using Lauterbach debugger and trace 32 for debugging. Find the attached ld files for application and boot loader.

Thanks in advance for any support.

Application Linker file:

Boot loader Linker file: