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RT1064 Flashloader to load application image

Question asked by Alin Butoi on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by jeremyzhou


I am working with the RT1064 Evaluation board and I am attempting to set it up to run an application via the MCUBOOT Flashloader (v2.7.0). First, I am generating the flashloader binary image using the elstosb tool, and I am uploading the image using the MfgTool provided with the Flashloader package. I am able to establish communication between the board and host computer, and to verify the current version of the boot process using the blhost tool. 

The next steps in the process involve uploading one or more demo application images (blinky, Hello_world) to be executed out of flash or RAM via the flashloader. 

I have read through the i.MX RT1064 Manufacturing User's Guide (Doc number IMXRT1064MFUUG) but I am unsure how to go about programming an unsigned app image onto the board. 

Some specific questions that I have are:

1. Using the bootable image layout (Fig 1) from the Manufacturing user's guide, if the boot rom finds the destination address = to the external flash address (XIP), how is the destination address configured? Same question for NXIP.

2. Once the flashloader is loaded into flash, how do I go about generating an app image which can be loaded into flash via the flashloader and once loaded, how does the flashloader determine it should run the app image.

3. I have tried using MfgTool to talk to the flashloader in order to load the app image but communication has been unsuccessful. My question is, what tool should I be using (blhost, MfgTool etc) to load the app image?


Thank you in advance!