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ZigBee stack: responding to device announcements with binding request

Question asked by Elisa Spano' on Feb 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2009 by Elisa Spano'
Hi, I'am starting now to work with zigbee.
I am working on a zigbee project  for MC13224 chip.
I'm using Beestack codebase and I need to automate the process of forming the network and binding the corresponding devices, without buttons.
I added ZDO_Start function at the end of BeeAppInit routine in BeeApp.c file, as suggested in this forum and it works.
Now I have to automate the binding request in coordinator (Combined interface).
In fact, if I understood correctly, if coordinator sends ota a binding request end devices automatically responds if their endpoints match with it.
To automate the binding request, can the coordinator respond to end device announcements with a binding request?
How can I do this?
Everything that comes over the air ends up into Zdo_MsgDataCallBack function, before going into Zdp_ResponseHandler or Zdp_ResponseGenerator.
Can I send an event up to application level if cluster id of receiver packet is "=gDevice_annce_c", and start Binding request if there is this event?