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Out-of-tree kernel module for mfgtool in yocto

Question asked by mahi on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2019 by mahi

Hi Community,


did someone successfully build an out-of-tree kernel module to be used with the MfgTool kernel?


Unfortunately the module I am trying to add to the mfgtool image is always built using the "normal" kernel (virtual\kernel) and not linux-imx-mfgtool. Thus loading the module fails, because it wasn't build against the running kernel.

So I'll have to modify the module's recipe somehow to be build against linux-imx-mfgtool and not virtual\kernel (=linux-imx).

If someone already managed to do this, it would be great if it could be shared here...


Probably it is not a really big deal, but right now, I can't find the solution.



best regards,