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Change polarity of an EINT inside it irq routine

Question asked by Alessandro Melino on Jul 18, 2019
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As you can read in the title, I am trying to change the polarity of the edge which causes the external interrupt. I am using an LPC2129.


Firstly I configure it as rising edge sensitive and the VIC vectors registers:


PINSEL1 |= (0<<1) | (1<<0);                  //Pin P0.16 as EINT0
EXTMODE |= (1<<0) |;                          //Edge sensitive
EXTPOLAR |= (1<<0) ;                         //Rising edge



VICVectCntl1 = 0x20 |14;                     
VICVectAddr1 =(unsigned)EINT0_isr; 
VICIntEnable |= (1<<14); 
EXTINT |= (1<<0);


Then, in the irq routine I want to change to falling edge sensitive, as the following code:


void EINT0_isr (void) __irq { 


EXTINT |= (1<<0);           //Clear flag
EXTPOLAR &= ~(1<<0); //Change to falling edge



This does not work and the program crash.


Then I read this in the manual but I do not understand how to do it:


Note: Software should only change a bit in this register when its interrupt is
disabled in the VICIntEnable register, and should write the corresponding 1 to the
EXTINT register before enabling (initializing) or re-enabling the interrupt, to clear
the EXTINT bit that could be set by changing the polarity.


So I tried to change the code like this but did not work:


VICIntEnClr |= (1<<14);     
EXTINT |= (1<<0);
EXTPOLAR &= ~(1<<0);
VICIntEnable |= (1<<14); 


Which is the correct way to change edge polarity inside the irq routine of an EINT?


Best regards,



P.S.: sorry for my english.