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MCUXpresso Failing to discover CMISIS-DAP probe on Eval Boards, Redlink Server not opening

Question asked by Mark Thompson on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by Jing Pan


I'm having problems getting MCUXpresso 11.0 to discover the probes on 2 eval boards (MIMXRT 1064-EVK and MIMXRT 1050-EVK). I am using Windows 10


When I launch the debugger, the IDE gets stuck on "Probe discovering for MCUXpresso IDE Linkserver (inc. CMISIS-DAP) Probes" until it times out then I get the following error:




Cannot write to server: not open


Cannot write to server: not open
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.getWriter(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.writeln(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.send(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.sendReceive(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.sendReceive(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.sendReceive(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.client.RedlinkServerClient.probeList(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.common.redlinkserver.RedlinkServerEmuHandler.discoverEmulators(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.EmulatorsDB.getEmus(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.EmulatorsDB.getEmulatorInfo(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.EmulatorsDB.getAvailableEmulators(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.TargetDiscovery.getAvailableEmulators(
      at com.crt.debugcommon.emulator.CRTLaunchConfigHandler.probeDiscovery(



I've tried:

-with the J42 jumper connected on the RT 1064 EVK (uses LPC link probe instead of cmisis-dap)

-disabling windows firewall


Any help would be awesome, thanks!