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Some help with a simple UART program

Question asked by Vincent Kenbeek on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by Mark Butcher

I have a FRDM-KL25Z connected to an ESP 01 through UART1.

The polling example provided with the SDK seems pretty simple, however when I adjust it to print the received data instead of echoing it, it prints the data I sent to the ESP 01 instead of the data I should have received from it.

My code look as follows:

uint8_t txbuff[] = "AT+GMR\r\n";
uint8_t rxbuff[20] = {0};


int main(void)
    uint8_t ch;
    uart_config_t config;




    config.baudRate_Bps = BOARD_DEBUG_UART_BAUDRATE;
    config.enableTx = true;
    config.enableRx = true;



    UART_WriteBlocking(DEMO_UART, txbuff, sizeof(txbuff) - 1);
    UART_ReadBlocking(DEMO_UART, &rxbuff, 6);
    printf("%s\n", rxbuff);

The printf all the way at the bottom prints "AT+GMR" which is the string that I sent to the ESP 01.

The response should be something along the lines of "00170901".

How can I see what the response from the ESP 01?