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Code can't run when using IAR for S32K116 application

Question asked by Miller Xue on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Victor Jimenez


I am using the IAR 8.32 for the S32K116 firmware development. The debugger using the JLINK V9 works fine which can download the code, online running and live watch with the IDE correctly. But when I disconnect JLINK debugger to my board and power on the board independently, the S32K116 can not work, the firmware does not run in this situation. I also pull down the RESET_b pin to the ground in order to get a reset, but it doesn't run as well. Could you give me some advice for check this issue. I have following questions about this. Besides, If you have other suggestions about this issue, please kindly tell me as well. Thank you very much.

1. I don't know if my code has been download to the FLASH address. How to check it?

2. How to deal with the MCU's RESET_b pin connection? At present, I have pulled up a 4.7k resistor to the VCC.

3. How to check the power on reset is performed.

4. How to setup the IAR for S32K116 when need to boot from flash?