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In RTCS after 'some random time amount', send returns 0x1635 RTCS_TCP_CONN_ABORTED

Question asked by Preet Mehta on Jul 15, 2019
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I have patched MQX 4.2 with patch.

I have created a TCP server on a project. Now everything works seamless, the connection, disconnection, reconnection, data transfers. But when I keep my system on endurance for continuous sending the data, after a random time the send starts giving -1 and RTCS_geterror returns 0x1635.

More about the system...

I have connected the client on a windows 7 using YAT which is not sending anything. My system is configured to send data out every 200mS. The system keeps sending the data and does not expect any data from outside connection so basically I am not running any recv or select here. This happens in independent thread.

But when I kept my system on endurance, the sending from the system stopped after 10 hrs, 1.5 hrs...x hours...and so on. Now I have loaded the system which sends a chunk of data at every 50mS and send starts returning 0x1635 within 10 to 15 minutes!

I debugged it and got that RTCS_geterror returning 0x1635 after send.


Any help?