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KSZ8794 4-port ETH switch to MX8M

Question asked by Gerhard Laubscher on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Gerhard Laubscher

Hi All,

I am unsure if how to wire Phy to a i.MX8M procc in RGMii mode of operation.

I am using a SOM from Variscite MX8M as the procc module.

The module has its PHY removed, with pins exposed as per the attached schematic.


Attached are the 2 schematic files.


Particularly my concern of the J1.1 on sch > main  >> ENET_PHY_REFR_CLK

 Does it need to connect somewhere to the PHY ?


Res strappings A>>E on PHY sch?


Any other apparent faults in the wiring?


Has anybody got a linux driver for this device, to share? (yocto)


Any advise and input will be appreciated.


Thank you.