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IMX1050RT Stuck at ResetISR

Question asked by BENJAMIN OLAYINKA on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2019 by jeremyzhou

My project is stuck at ResetISR() in startup_mimx1052.c. It randomly started doing this when I added a breakpoint and then restarted the debugger. If I try to step in to the function, it just resets and stays at the same line. I think it's related to the REDLIB __main function because if I rename my main to __main, then the debugger reaches my program code but I have no semihosting console.


Things I've tried

Switching between semihosting and no hosting REDLIB, this worked temporarily but it's now stuck again.

Investigating REDLIB __main, I can't find the function anywhere in the project. Looking at other projects, I see it in the file, but I guess it's a precompiled binary or something? Why can't I find it in the project?

Switching to NEWLIB, this should bypasses the call to __main but I still end up stuck at ResetISR.


Help! These cryptic errors make developing on this board a pain ;(