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Question asked by Christos Mourouzis on Jul 14, 2019
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I would like to ask if anyone has a working example of storing data in an SD Card using a QN9080-DK. The SD card module that I have is an Adafruit MicroSD Breakout Board.


My use case is:

  • Gather some ADC data every approx. 15ms
  • Store them in a file in an external storage (total size data is approx. 13-15Mbs)
  • Retrieve them and send them via Bluetooth to a mobile application


I found the following tutorials but I haven't managed to make them work with the QN9080-DK:



What I have also tried is:

  1. Tried all SDK's SPI examples in driver_examples/spi to communicate with the SD Card. 
  2. Tried to communicate via SPI with an Arduino MKR Zero that has a built-in SD Card module.


I followed the examples, the wiring is correct but there is no communication (in the case of Arduino (driver_examples/spi/interrupt_b2b_transfer)  I don't even get any message).


The only thing that I've managed to implement is a communication via I2C (following driver_examples/i2c/interrupt_transfer with the Arduino MKR Zero but for some reason some data are lost (maybe due to speed as the Arduino has to retrieve data from the QN9080-DK via I2C and store them via SPI on its SD card module every 15ms).


Note: I can't use UART because I am already using them for communicating with other devices.


So, to summarize:

  1. Has anyone implemented an SD card implementation with the QN9080-DK?
  2. Are there any other options/suggestions?
  3. If no other options are available, has anyone successfully communicated with other boards via SPI or I2C?


Thank you very much