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KW36_BLE : Client characteristic descriptor is not persistent across connection

Question asked by Prakash Velayutham on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

When i was seeing the BT core specification for CCCD, i came across the below highlighted line. 

My understanding is that from the above line,that if a gatt client has once enabled the notification bit of CCCD by writing 0x0001 on to the CCCD handle, till their bonding goes, whenever there is a change in that gatt server characteristic value,gatt client will be notified through "handle value notification" , is my understanding correct? 


If my understanding is correct, i have an issue, my device(KW36) is the gatt client for current time server and once after pairing is complete,i have enabled the CCCD of gatt server(mobile) by sending write request(0x0001) and after that whenever there is change in current time,i get the handle value notification, but when i disconnect and reconnect back the same device and try to change the current time in the phone, "handle value notification" doesnt come at this time, What is the issue and how i can resolve this issue?