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Hi to everybody,
    i work with a MPC5200 and a hardware similar to a Lite5200B evaluation board. I'don't use  a operativ system but only the Quickstart tool included with CodeWarrior for mobilegt 9.2.
   I've done a standalone application that is able to load on external ram a RomImage of a project. At this point i've only to let the romimage start in the correct way. i'm not skilled in assembly but i tried so:

asm Fork(void)
  lis      r3,0x0010
  addi     r3,r3,0x0000
  mtlr     r3 
By calling this function if the starting address of romimage is 0x00100000 it sholud work as on subroutine exit the PC register is loaded with that value.
But i've problem...
Has anybody any ideas?
hi everybody