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What is the minimum frequency we can get in SCT 16 bit counter

Question asked by angiey y on Jul 13, 2019
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I need to generate 0.5hz[with SCTtimer sample code] frequency in lp845 controller, with the sample code using

16 bit counter SCT, least frequency i'm getting is 0.9hz, not getting lesser then this,

how to get 0.5hz ,kindly advice, below is the calculation done:


For 30Mhz clock-->500[count value] * 30Mhz[sctimer clock] /1000 = 15Mhz


So for say 3hz its = 15M/3 = 5000000[this value is substituted in matchvalue]


Similarly for 0.5hz...but not getting as expected..suggest me is the above method

is correct and how to get 0.5hz using scttimer counter.



Thank you