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IMXRT1062 uSDHC WP Pin assignment

Question asked by Amit Mehta on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hi Everyone,

I was going through IMXRT1062 reference manual for eMMC interface using Ultra Secured Digital Host Controller (uSDHC).

So for external pins, they have mentioned that 

WP Card write-protect detect If not used(for the embedded memory), tie low to indicate it's not write-protected.

But when I was going through iMXRT1060-evk Rev A2 development board the same pin was not used and while running SDK_2.6.1_EVK-MIMXRT1060 example code usb_device_msc_sdcard . the value of WPSL bit of PRES_STATE register was 1. which as per reference manual is 

WPSL: This bit reflects the inverted value of the WP pin of the card socket.

So my question here is if no pin is assigned to WP how the value WPSL bit is 1.