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How to reject ethernet packets in imx6-sx?

Question asked by 凯 刘 on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by 凯 刘

   I use the imx6-sx in our project, the ENET1 connect to a 88E1111 phy chip as the management network port, the OS is the official linux 4.9.11, the ENET1 works well except when I want to reject ethernet packets who's DA is not ours MAC.

   According to IMX6SXRM document, I set the device's MAC to ENET1_PALR and ENET1_PAUR, then I set ENET1_RCR[PROM] to 0, I think it means that the promiscuous mode is disable, the packet enter ENET1 would be checked whether the DA is matching the device's MAC(because I have config ENET1_PALR and ENET1_PAUR).

   But I found it's not work, no matter the packet's DA is broadcast or unicast MAC,I can capture the packet by tcpdump.

   So I want to know how to reject the packet which MAC is not the device's MAC, can I use the promiscuous mode to achieve this function?