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How to use eTPUAB/C in one project at the same time

Question asked by Yongbing Nan Employee on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by David Tosenovjan

How to use eTPUAB/C in one S32DS project at the same time?  There is no distinction eTPUAB/C in all eTPU API, only use the global struct eTPU->  to operation register. So if we just modify the address highlighted below in mac5777c_vars.h, we can't use eTPUAB & C at the same time. Is there a batter way to use them at the same time?


struct eTPU_struct *eTPU = (struct eTPU_struct *)0xFFE00000;  //eTPUC

uint32_t fs_etpu_code_start =     0xFFE10000;

uint32_t fs_etpu_data_ram_start = 0xFFE08000;

uint32_t fs_etpu_data_ram_end =   0xFFE08C00;

uint32_t fs_etpu_data_ram_ext =   0xFFE0C000;