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IMX8MQ UUU download failure

Question asked by LinJin MENG on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by jiang yaqiang

Dear FAE:


     I have designed custom board of IMX8MQ CPU based on EVK board, anything is ok except for the UUU download

I changed the USB 3.0 port1 with the standard USB 3.0 Host  Type-A port instead of type-C of EVK board.

the USB 3.0 host port has SS1_TXP/N SS1_RXP/N and OTG1_DP /DM  

   When the linux system is boot on, the USB 3.0 port 1 can be mount the standard USB 3.0 device such as Harddisk and so on.

    Today, I want to download the kernel images from UUU mfgtool because we should use the android P9 for our application. unfortunatly, uuu download is failure. 

    when I plug the USB A-to-A cable into the board port1 and PC , then launch uuu program, the flash.bin dtb and ramdisk can be download into the board ram by the uuu, but the program will be stop when kernel and ramdisk boot up, the console print: 

  No udc available ! 

 All the result images is following

   Above image is from PC uuu command


   This result is from linux console.

   That mean USB can't be connect with PC and board

   I configure the USB3 port1 as OTG and USB3 port2 as Host, the device tree is listed


my kernel config is listed


      I changed the USB3 port1 as the USB higg-speed intead of superspeed

    because I'm afraid my usb cable speed, but the program always exist!

    So what can I do? Where could I chang ? 

   Please give me some suggestion, thank you very much!





July 11,2019