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I.MXRT1064 - emWin - Issue with GUI_SetOrientation

Question asked by Chris Lingwood on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Good day all,


I am using the NXP I.MXRT1064-EVK for some screen prototyping with the following constraints/features

- Using a ST7789 based display (320x240, 16bits per pixel)

- emWin is working, I am able to write text/draw images/create graphs on the display.

- One screen buffer should be a total of 153,000 bytes. 

- I have a total of 350,000 bytes declared as part of GUI_NUMBYTES.

- I have 2 GUI_BUFFERS


When calling GUI_SetOrientation() I am getting a return value of 1. Which by the documentation, looks to be a failure.


From trawling the web, I am seeing this usually occurs when emWin has not been given enough memory as GUI_SetOrientation creates a new frame. I am sure I have declared more than enough memory for the two frames however I am still receiving this error.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!