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What's LPC2468 minimum pins for Jtag connection

Question asked by Jun Chen on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by soledad


    I am working on LPC2468, trying to program data through ISP and IAP.


    Below is the circuit diagram of my work, just want to know minimum pin require, so I only connect necessary pins.



    ISP program through UART protocol is working great, but the speed is too slow.


    So I decide to connect LPC2468 to JLINK, program it through Jtag protocol(J-Flash 6.44V), But TDO pin didn't return any response.


    Pin connection:

    Jtag -> PC2468

    nTRST -> TRST

    TDI -> TDI

    TMS -> TMS

    TCK -> TCK

    RTCK not connected

    TDO -> TDO


    DEGRQ not connected

    5V-Supply -> VCC

    GND -> GND





    TDO always keep on high.


    Could you please provide application circuit for references?