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boot method of LS2088ARDB

Question asked by Junfeng zhang on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by Junfeng zhang

Dear NXP(LS2088ARDB ) expert:


May I ask you a question about the boot method of LS2088ARDB PCR rev.F3?

Can LS2088ARDB be booted by Uboot from SD card directly?

Can lsdk1906-u-boot be build to support SD boot as "firmware_ls2088ardb_uboot_sdboot.img"? or is there an existing uboot SD image for SD boot.


If so, I can create a SD boot card to boot LS2088ARDB .



When I use this board, I erased and covered some data for RCW as commands below. the Uboot can't boot up now.


tftp a0000000 rcw_1800_dspi.bin
erase 0x584000000 +236
cp.b a0000000 0x584000000 236

tftp a0000000 rcw_1800_dspi.bin
erase 0x580000000 +236
cp.b a0000000 0x580000000 236


Thank you very much. I need your help.