Sowmya Radhakrishnan

Zigbee - Supporting two profiles and Interoperability doubt

Discussion created by Sowmya Radhakrishnan on Feb 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2009 by viswanath kondapalli
I am working on Zigbee and using the M1322x Beekit and I have some general doubts on Zigbee. Could any one help me get clarity on these?
1. If I have a Zigbee device that I want to work with two profiles - say AMI/SE and HA, I understand that the way it gets implemented is by having two different endpoints to support the AMI/SE and HA nodes. However, how does the Zigbee device get included in both networks?
Let's say my device is already a part of HA network and operating as Thermostat and Coordinator, and I now want my device to be included in a different SE Network and operating as router, how do I achieve this?
2. Is it possible to achieve development of a standalone zigbee router that will support any profile? Are there any restrictions towards developing a Zigbee router, that could be sold as a standalone product, that somebody could buy and use with their private profile network (provided they are able to configure the router to support their private profile)?