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Using a CTIMER with FreeRTOS on LPC546xx

Question asked by Adrian Neal on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Adrian Neal

I have FreeRTOS running on my 54628 dev board (OM13098) and can use the LCD, TCP/IP and SD features.

I am using MCUXpresso v10


What I want to do is add a timer to drive 2 GPIO pins (a synchronized set of pulses).

I can use the 4 match setpoints of the timer for the synchonization and reset the TC on the last match.

I should be able to do it with 1 timer (#2) set for Match mode and let my IRQ handler manage the pin output logic.


Attached is my initialization and IRQ logic.

This code compiles without error or warning...



I cannot seem to get it to work?

It will not stop in the IRQ when debugging it?

 And I don't see the outputs?


Please help...