Dave Jones

ColdFire Lite is missing dhcpport.h for DHCP Server

Discussion created by Dave Jones on Feb 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2009 by James Williams
We tried to enable the DHCP server in ColdFire Lite 3.0 and get an error that "dhcpport.h" is missing.

 It is referenced in allports.c when the DHCP Server is enabled, but is not anywhere to be found in the CF Lite 3.0 files I downloaded in November. I just downloaded 3.2 and the same reference is in allpots.c, and dhcpport.h is still missing.

Without it there are several missing functions for getting the DHCP Server functioning.

Does anybody know where this file is, or what is needed to compile CF Lite with DHCP server enabled? (server, not client)