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iMX8M Internal pull up with 3.3V NVCC

Question asked by Oded Avraham on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Yuri Muhin



It came to my knowledge from one of our customers that enables a pad internal pull up on GPIO capable pin with 3.3V NVCC the pad is measured as 2.5V.

I have tried it and verified for GPIO3_IO12, GPIO3_IO13 and GPIO4_IO25 - did not test more. For this test, the pad defined as GPIO and internal pull up defined. 

Applying an external pull up of 10K in parallel will measure 3.1V and 4.7K will measure 3.2V - NVCC verified as 3.3V.


Setting the GDIR to output and DR to high measure 3.3V on those pads. 


My question is if you have encountered this issue? 

Is there any other setting I need to perform for the internal pull up so it will pull to 3.3V level? 


I did not find any errata for this issue. 


Will appreciate your prompt response. 




Oded A