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About MPC8548E Power Sequencing

Question asked by Youngho Cho on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Serguei Podiatchev

Hello, I'm Youngho.

I want to know power sequencing of MPC8548E.

According to its datasheet, MPC8548EEC, power sequencing is just 2 steps as follows:

   1. V_DD, AV_DD_n, BV_DD, LV_DD, OV_DD, SV_DD, TV_DD, XV_DD.

   2. GV_DD.


  And, the NOTE is as follows:

   Note1: Items on the same line have no ordering requirement with respect to one another. Items on separate lines must    be ordered sequentially such that voltage rails on a previous step must reach 90% of their value before the voltage    rails on the current step reach 10% of theirs.

   Note 2: In order to guarantee MCKE low during power-up, the above sequencing for GV_DD is required. If there is no    concern about any of the DDR signals being in an indeterminate state during power-up, then the sequencing for    GVDD is not required.

   Note 3: From a system standpoint, if any of the I/O Power supplies ramp prior to the V_DD core supply, the I/Os    associated with that I/O supply may drive a logic one or zero during power-up, and extra current may be drawn by the    device.


As I understood above, power sequencing is that the core powers is first powered up and then the I/O powers is next.

So, power sequencing I thought is as follows:


   2.AV_DD_n, SV_DD, XV_DD




Am I right?