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Got an errors while running isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu.elf  demo!!!

Question asked by Ilya Petrikov on Jul 8, 2019

Hello, everyone!!! I have never worked with nxp products before. So I have a problem with running a demo  ./isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu.elf  on sbc-s32v234 board.

I got such error:

I will appreciate any help.
** Sony imx224 csi -> dcu demo
** Description:
** o Sony imx224 camera (on MipiCsi_0) expected as image input.
** o ISP does simple debayering.
** o Resulting RBG 1280x720 image is displayed live using DCU.
** Usage:
** o no cmd line parameters available.

[ 125.173586] Probing I2c client @ 0x1a on I2C bus #0.
[ 125.178425] Generic camera I2c driver added successfully.
Press Ctrl+C to terminate the demo.
Framebuffer mapped at 0x7f81148000.
../src/sdi.cpp: 1545/SeqEventHandler : [Error]: *** Other error message received.
../src/sdi.cpp: 1546/SeqEventHandler : [Error]: *** Sequencer error text:
../src/sdi.cpp: 1554/SeqEventHandler : [Error]: Buffer overrun

Failed to grab image number 0
../../../../../libs/isp/sequencer/user/src/seq_user.cpp: 1040/SEQ_GraphStop : [Error]: Graph STOP failed: -1
../src/sdi.cpp: 1198/Stop : [Error]: Failed to stop the grabbing sequence.
Failed to stop the grabber.
Demo failed in cleanup phase.