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redlinkserv.exe Command Line Option Error

Question asked by James Morrison on Jul 8, 2019
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When trying to run the redlinkserv.exe command line utility with a connect script the executable doesn't accept the "--connectscript" argument even though that is the syntax given by program error message.  Here is the output, including the version output as well to show that I can actually run a command line program....



> redlinkserv.exe --connectscript Invalid argument: --connectscript [--version] Just print the server's version number. [--commandline] Run server in the foreground using a command shell. [--connectscript] Read in server script. [--telnetport] Allow a telnet connection on any of up to 8 ports in a comma separated list (e.g --telnetport 3050,3075). [--port] Debug client port (defaults to 3490). [--aplist] Enable display of device AP list.


> redlinkserv.exe --version MCUXpresso IDE LinkServer v10.3 (Nov 28 2018 02:34:13 - redlinkserv.exe build 748)


What is the correct syntax to use a connect script?