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How to solve debugging problem with lpc54608

Question asked by Rob Jansen on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by Rob Jansen

I am having some serious debug issues with the lpc54608 board.

The LPC-Link2 CMSIS-DAP (default out-of-the-box) firmware does not work or not reliable. I keep having issues with probes not being found.

I was able to flash the LPC-Link2 interface with the J-Link firmware. This works but I have some issues with not being able to view the content of variables: as soon as my mouse hovers over a variable name, I get an empty value field. From that moment on, I cannot step or continue my program and I can only click on the "cleanup and debug" button in MCUXpresso v11 to restart.

Switching from the LPC-Link2 J-Link firmware to a real J-link probe from Segger shows the same problem.


Any ideas on how to identify the underlying problem to fix this?


Using MCUXpresso v11.0.0 build 2516 on Windows 10 with LPC-Link v2/J-Link firmware and original HW J-Link probe v8.0 with v6.44i firmware