confused about zigbee

Discussion created by hityou123 on Feb 14, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2009 by Brian Witzen
I am trying to decide between 3 zigbee development kits - TI Z-accel, Microchip and of course freescale.
The TI kit is a bit cheap, but the zigbee chip itself is 10$. Too much I think.
But both microchip and freescale chips are very reasonable. Both Kits are around 250$.
Price wise freescale makes more sense, RF chip and uC for 5$.

If I go with freescale then I have to learn HCS08. But I already know PIC uC.
How big is the learning curve?
I don't understand the zigbee stack licencing by freescale. Its only for 90 days. what after that? Do I have to buy it?
Whats a stack anyway. protocol?
Microchip doesn't mention anything about licensing their stack. I think its free.
Can the kit network with 16 other zigbee devices or is it limited?
Please help me decide.